The Woman wasn’t created as an afterthought.

By Kingdavid Chinaeke Ofunne.
The Authorpreneur.

After Church, I decided to unwind at an outdoor bar by the pool with two close friends.

We were having a great conversation about my book Water and Fire under the serene view and beautiful sights when one of my friends after reading out loud a chapter of my book that talks about feminism and gender equality, had a very solid and unusual perspective and made his opinion verbal.

Initially, I thought it was absurd and probably the wine talking, but he presented his case with so much stew, I was left with nothing but accolades even though I refused to become a believer.


He said.

All eyes were on him now and with the flair and charisma of a seasoned orator, although not a Cicero or a Martin Luther King, he continued.

“So God said after all had been created, it is not good for the man to be alone so let us make him a helper.”

“True,” I replied. “So, how does that make the woman an afterthought?”

“You see, she wasn’t in God’s original plan. She was an afterthought, but don’t get your dicks hard yet boys,” he said. “It wasn’t in a bad way, she was a perfect afterthought, to help the man spiritually, mentally, psychologically and even financially.

“The woman was created as a helper to support the man and not to rival or equal him. You see God had to kill the man to create her, that’s how serious and special she is.” He surmised.

“Ha, Bros which way?” the other friend present, protested.

I kept quiet, sipping my Johnny walker and listening, waiting and watching.

“Allow the man continue I said”

“Thank you able Authorpreneur.” he replied and poured a drink from another bottle resting idly on the table.

“In God’s original plan, there is only man, that’s why we have only references to the son of man and not daughter of man as recorded in the Bible.”

“Wait,” the other friend interrupted. “You said God killed the man to make the woman, are you saying Adam died for Eve to be made?”

“Yes sir,” he said. “In the Bible when ever the word ‘and he slept’ was used, it meant death. When Lazarus died Jesus told his disciples first that Lazarus was sleeping but when he noticed their ignorance and inability to comprehend spiritual wordings he had to be direct with them.
So when the Bible recorded that Adam was put in a deep sleep, my brother Adam was dead until Eve was created from his rib.”

“Point one I said. Go on.”

“This one strong.” the friend said.

“Thank you, he continued. God said let us make man in our own image and likeness meaning the idea was a man and not a woman but after He created man, he realized that the man needed a woman to complete his destiny and so the woman was formed as a helper to the man.

Maybe there were women in heaven before then o, I don’t know, maybe the first man had no penis, and it was given to him after the woman was formed, I don’t know, I know there are no recorded female angels and I also know that in God’s original plan the woman was not involved, she was an afterthought but not in a bad way, rather in a perfect and timely way so all these feminists out there should stop fighting and calling themselves daughter of man as opposed to son of man or Kings as opposed to Queens because they are unique and specially made to be a supporter and a helper in any capacity, be it in the capacity of a ruler, leader and follower, the woman was formed to help and support not rival and compete with the man in the place of relationship and marriage.

He sat down feeling satisfied and justified.

I dropped my glass and looked at him.

“As an afterthought I added, if there were no female then why did God create the animals in two’s, both male and female it was recorded that he created them both. Doesn’t that suggest that the woman was not an afterthought but a Masterplan that was meant to be implemented during the first Creation.”

Again the bible recorded that God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created man, both male and female.

“I Kingdavid Chinaeke Ofunne Authorpreneur oppose the notion that the woman is an afterthought, she is rather an upgraded version of God’s first and original plan which included her from the beginning.”

She was a timely intervention that needed everything to be on ground and perfectly made for her to be introduced.

God waited and used the man to do the heavy work, name the animals, tend the garden and even the tress and fruits, then he introduced the main surprise package as He had intended from the very beginning.

Look the woman was and is God’s Masterpiece.

He didn’t create her from dirt and dust like the man

He created her from flesh and bones

He created her from very good

Everything God created was good until he created man, then it was very good

The woman was created from very good

The woman was not created from the man, she was created of the man!!!

Point two

She was created to cure man of his loneliness and compliment him, not to be under him as these misguided pastors and misogynists want us to believe

See, God said let us make man

Man here means mankind or human kind not manhood

God is a community

A community of three, the Trinity

So his creation will always reflect his nature

When he said let us make man in our image and likeness, he meant man and woman alike.

Man and woman ruling as equals, was and is God’s intended plan, just like the Trinity

The woman was created of the man but that does not mean she is lesser, rather it means she completes him and when the man and woman marries, they become one again.

Both are Incomplete without the other!!!

The woman was created as a helper just like God is our helper

Several scriptures cites God as our helper, Exodus 18:4, Hebrews 13:6, John 14:26, etc… Does it mean God is lower or lesser than us?

No, helper means a lot more than mother of Children, home manager, kitchen deputy or house wife!!!

Okay Bible scholars and Christians believed God created the best last, after all he made man last as his crown of creation

If we are to go by that argument, shouldn’t the woman then be the crown of crowns, considering she is actually the last to be created?

The woman therefore is the crown of crowns in the creation story

She is the bedrock of creation

The icing of man

She is God’s climax

Look…the woman is and was never an afterthought.

She was God’s winning card all along before Jesus came in flesh.

Men and women are ontologically equal, none is subordinate to the other.

Point three!

We laughed and drank some more and watched the blue sky turn yellow from the scorching harmattan sun which wouldn’t allow us enjoy a great outside time and since we didn’t come with our swimming trunks or maybe both of them were fat and too overweight to swim, I alone jumped into the pool and swam with the expertise of a fish, allowing the cool water massage my tension, trigger an erection and finger my emotions. I almost climaxed at the beauty, peace and serenity of the swimming affair.

Before some daughters of Eve came to spoil things for me with heavy backsides and pointed nipples.

Today isn’t the day to sell my book Water and Fire to them, today I just wanna hangout and enjoy myself with my guys.

Please it’s Sunday

Lead me not into temptation

This is love making in sweet serendipity for me.

This is not the original version, this is the revised edition.

#MotivatingTheAlphaFemale 😉

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Nollywood’s repulsive representation of Nigerian women.

The way Nollywood movies in Nigeria presents the black woman should start giving us cause for concern.

Nollywood presents the Nigerian woman:

To be weak

To adjust to sufferings

To be one with molestation

To be a complete housewife, useless to herself

To be the sole burden bearer of a marriage or family

To be a woman who begs a man to love her out of pity

To teach a woman that the only way to achieve something in life is to be married

To teach a woman to put a man first before herself.

Not to aspire greatness for herself but to reduce herself to the level of a man’s poverty.

Nollywood teaches Nigerian women that snatching her fellow women’s husbands and destroying her fellow women’s marriages is commendable.

Nollywood glorifies poverty and demands a woman must suffer with a man before she can live a happy life with him.

Nollywood teaches Nigerian women to remain in and endure abusive relationships and marriages with a shitty boyfriend/husband until the man changes for the better even if the man kills or deforms her in the process of waiting.

Nollywood movies makes a Nigerian woman to be ashamed of her sexuality.

Nollywood movies display women as disposable and expendables.

Nollywood teaches our women to be maids and nannies to a grown-up male in a relationship/marriage as a test for getting a marriage proposal reward.

Nollywood movies shames the Nigerian woman and objectifies her as masturbation tool or prostitute.

Nollywood glorifies sexual molestation of underaged girls by men.

Nollywood movies advocates for infidelity and breaking of marital vows to an acceptable norm and for a Nigerian woman to be okay with it.

Nollywood does not teach young ladies how to be an Alpha Female at their young or old age.

Nollywood teaches women that the only way they can be great is when they sell their bodies to the highest bidder for whatever they want in life.

Nollywood loves to implant the Nigerian woman in the midst of drug addiction and domestic violence.

Nollywood movies love depleting the reputation of the average Nigerian woman.

Nollywood teaches women that they can make it in life if they involve themselves in anything diabolical.

Nollywood displays an average Nigerian woman as a threat to any child that is not her biological child.

I could go on and on.

When most Nollywood scriptwriters hold the pen to write Nollywood movie scripts, this is how the Nigerian woman is presented nationwide and globally which is indeed a shame and a repulsive appearance of Nigerian women.

Enough is enough!

This is not who a Nigerian woman is. It is a false and repulsive representation of Nigerian women by Nollywood movie directors and scriptwriters to boost what goes into their bank accounts.

It is time for a change on how the Nigerian woman (or Black woman in general) is displayed to the world.

Professional script writers should stop being lazy when making research about the Black Woman and present her to the world with a different narrative.

The Nigerian woman (or Black woman in general) is a superhero.

She may not have super powers like telepathy or flying in the sky but she is a complete Alpha Female with mental, social, physical, financial, intellectual and psychological abilities to multi-task and complete any kind of role given any environment or situation she finds herself with available resources at her disposal.

She is a force to be reckoned with.

She produces results!

She is a gender whose abilities are not to be ignored.

We should stop subjugating and disrespecting them and start recognizing their best potentials, then announce her great potentials to the world.

We should start uplifting and empowering the Nigerian woman for greater things.

We should start challenging them for better roles in Nigerian movies (or African movies) like the great work done in Black Panther movie by Ryan Coogler and stop giving false representation of what the Nigerian (or Black) woman represent in totality.

It is a new century and this is a call for immediate change.

#MotivatingTheAlphaFemale 😉

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Picture credit to: Google images.

Sometimes, the Alpha Female wants to be alone.

Sometimes, I get jealous of the Alpha Female who lives alone?

Gosh! You women are floating in paradise😊.

The serenity.

The privacy.

The protected boundary.

The sanity.

The peaceful feeling.

The beauty of the restful moments

And more importantly,

The freedom!

How blessed you are😊❤

You can come back from a busy day, kick off your shoes, take off your clothes and walk around the house in your full naked self!

You can pour yourself a glass of wine in your nakedness, light a cigar, put on the music of your choice, spread your naked body on your favourite couch or sofa and relax peacefully, listening to the music as you puff out smoke from your cigar (for those who smoke).

You can turn on your television and watch the channel of your choice or your favourite porn video while you masturbate and explore your sexuality.

You can sit naked on the couch as you read your novels, magazines or type on your computer with a glass of wine on your table.

You are at liberty to scatter your wardrobe, rearrange it and scatter it again with no one scolding you for being unkempt.

You are not playing the grown-up by setting good example for your little ones to follow on how you put things in order.

You can sleep naked!

You can play the music loud!

You are just FREE to enjoy the transquility alone.

What a paradise🥰🥰🥰.

I don’t have that luxury unless my daughter and mother are on a long journey😄😄😄.

I am always the first to scream when my daughter doesn’t hang her jacket, arrange her shoes properly, arrange her wardrobe, clean her room, take out the trash and do her domestic chores.

I stay away from the television when she is watching cartoons or her favourite television shows on Nickelodeon.

My laptop is off limit when she is browsing the web to make research for her school assignment and attending her online coding classes.

You can imagine!

It is so tough being a grown-up!

You will monitor your little ones and still monitor yourself to ensure a good example is imitated.

Gosh! I’m in hell!🤣🤣🤣

Can these little ones just grow up quickly, become independent and leave our houses and stuff for us?

Their growing up seems to be staggering and our patience is wearing thin, innit? 😒

We are not getting any younger for goodness sake 🙄🙄🙄

#MotivatingTheAlphaFemale 😉

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Picture credit to: Lamu Lombardo (Unsplashed).

The Nigerian morality when it comes to Sex.

In Nigeria where I live; if you are the gender with the vagina; you dare not talk about SEX!

By jove! You will have your head on a spike if you talk freely about SEX.

They will crucify you.

They will look at you different and see you as cheap!

They will judge your entire being as a sex worker and put you in that class even if you are old and matured enough to be having sex.

It is a battle here in Nigeria.

As a woman, you keep these emotional and sexual feelings to yourself. You dare not discuss it with other women, even with your man.

Although, as our world advances, things are changing due to women empowerment and the advocacy of feminism but it is a staggering progress.

An example is a blog post I made two days ago titled:

You need a little pampering.”

I posted it on my personal Facebook timeline.

You can imagine the kind of comments I got.


“I am so disappointed in you for making such a post.”

“That post ought to be a private matter. You are not supposed to post it publicly.”

“You didn’t tell me you are a slut. How much do you charge for a night?”

“This is disgraceful. I can’t imagine what your daughter will think of you after reading such promiscuity.”

“I just read your post on your wall. Gosh! I can’t tell you how ashamed I am on your behalf. Let me concentrate on my job. When I get home, I am going to give you a piece of my mind.”

“I admire your guts! Post more of this often.”

“You mean you will dump him when you get bored of sleeping with him. Honestly, what do women want?”

Guess what I was doing….


Yes!! It is that hilarious to me.

Here I am, a matured grown arse woman in her late-thirties, a mother who is no stranger to sex been cautioned on how to approach sex matters differently by grown arse men who are not virgins themselves and probably cheating in their present relationships/marriages with a woman like me.

Ofcourse! Laughing is a befitting reply.

What would you have me do? Be nasty or insolent to them in my reply? Educate them that I am old enough to discuss sex matters on my Facebook timeline?

What are they? Twelve?😄

That would be a waste of my precious time.

It is the environment I live in that should take the blame. Not them in their infinite wisdom😄 and certainly Not me!

I blame the environment who created a garment of shame for grown-ups to talk about their emotions and sexual experiences to other grown-up adults.

This is a war we can’t win in what I call the Nigerian morality.

The Nigerian morality shames you for having sexual genitals, knowing what they are used for and condemn you for even thinking about using it or actually using it.

The Nigerian morality judges everything sexual as unholy even in the confines of marriage.

The Nigerian morality is too godly to think or talk about sexual tools or toys, genitals and sex education.

Oh the garment you are manipulated and blackmailed into wearing to cover your shame for thinking or talking about sex not to mention what your sentence will be if you actually do SEX😄.

You will be surprised that most grow-up adults actually censor the word SEX like this “s**” when they are trying to communicate in writing.

Oh yeah! It is that depressing!

Religion is another ideology I blame eventhough sensitive.

We grew up been told sex is a sin, thinking about sex is a sin, talking about sex is a sin and actually doing sex is a sin.

You will be damned if you think, talk, teach or practice sex. You will be damned if your don’t when at a certain age you neither have a spouse or a child.

The limitations are endless.

This is why alot of Nigerian women don’t even understand their sexuality.

This is why alot of Nigerian women see sex as an obligation in a relationship or marriage instead of an enjoyable experience.

This is why alot of Nigerian men don’t understand foreplay or romance but will rather go straight to intercourse.

This is why Nigerian grown-ups are still ashamed of their nakedness.

This is why alot of Nigerian adults are in lonely relationships/marriages with their spouses.

Communication about Sex is always replaced with shame, shyness, fear and pretense.

If a woman in a relationship openly and sincerely talks about sex, talks about her sexual desires or talks about something casual about sex education, her man will think she is a cheap slut and starts suspecting every man she talks to or smiled at.

She becomes a suspect for all shades of infidelity.

Voicing out your emotions as a woman regarding sex is a dangerous endeavour.

It is really pathetic and that is something I hope will change among women.

Contrary to popular belief, I really hope Nigerian women aren’t being monitored by sperm-possessors under the gender-conforming systematic apparatus that sexualises vaginas in Nigeria.

Women should just be left alone

To just BE

To just LIVE



To just Stay FREE!

Women are HUMANS not a specie to be monitored, silenced, shamed and disrespected because they engaged in a sexual discussion that a regular grown-up usually engage into.

#MotivatingTheAlphaFemale 😉

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You need a little pampering.

I had the best head game on Saturday.

Nigga was sucking my vagina and clitoris and praising his maker for creating such a sweet meal for him.
I just recovered from the head game this morning after 11 hours of sleep and I decided to post the experience of how I shouted halleluyah all through that sermon.

Phew! Stressful month of January disappeared after hours of exotic blowjob & romantic romping in the sack. (My sillyness in bed🙄).

Then he took extra time to massage every part of my body with his big hands.

I live in heaven😋💃😊.

Dear Women, in all thy getting, make sure you get a man that not only understands your womanhood but knows how to romp in the sack with you.

You seriously need a little pampering😉.

I think I’m going to whore with him again on Valentine’s Day, every other weekend and twice on Sunday till I get bored.🤣

Oh! Did I mention he can really spoil a girl with his money? That is more important when whoring around with these niggas🤣🤣

#MotivatingTheAlphaFemale 😉

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Happy Valentine’s Day in advance.

Dear Baby Girl

Dear Baby Girl,

Do you know how powerful you are? How everything you represent as a woman is making you a force to be reckoned with? How brightly your light shines?

Yes! I am talking to you ma’am.

If you know how powerful your feminism is, how powerful your brain can store information, how powerful your instincts & intuitions are and the strength you carry, you will never let anyone with any ideology trample on you ever again. You will never allow anyone call you weak anymore!

You are a force to be reckoned with.

A whole you can handle a generation and outlive the challenges that comes with it.

A whole you can make a man and tear him to pieces.

A whole you can create a generation and build them up with or without a man.

A whole you can pick a man from a gutter and turn him into a king.

A whole you!!

The power you carry scares even the devil and weak laws with shallow ideologies. Some of the ideologies created in the world today was to reduce you as weak just to limit your shine.

Have you ever noticed that the moment you refused to be in that cage created for you or your ideas or you refuse to accept the conditions of limitations against your womanhood or you’ve made the choice on your own on how you want your life to be, that is when the slut shaming & body shaming start pouring in like a flood?😄😄😄

That is a cry of failure to subjugate your entire being as a woman!

You carry in you big plans, big dreams, tall ambitions of a powerful you.

By jove, how powerful you are!

What am I driving at?

Never let anyone you know or just met create limitations on your path to greatness.
You are just too powerful to be limited.
It is time to start embracing the strength of your feminine spirit and the powerful force of your womanhood.

Dare yourself!
Test your tenacity!
Challenge your strength!
Push your limit!

I tell you Baby girl, YOU WILL BE AMAZED!
Flaunt your feminism and your womanhood.

Get angry if you are provoked.
Voice out your feelings.
Complain if it bothers you.
Protest if it hurts you.
Fight, scratch & bite to defend your life & honour.
Be materialistic.
Have kids.
Be that gold digger.
Go shopping.
Enjoy dating and relationships.
Marry what is in your books as the ideal man for you…I repeat, for you!
Buy that car.

Build that house.
Make that money & spend it all.
Make it again & enjoy it! It is your sweat!
Walk up to that guy you have a crush on.
Date that man you admire.
Dump that guy who has nothing to offer you but pain.
Get that degree.
Do that business.
Write that blog.

Write that book.
Live that life you want.


No individual or ideology have the right to dictate to you how you should live your life as a woman.

You were not born to be controlled, dominated or subjugated.

You were born to be “free”
Be free!

Life is not your cage!

Life is your adventure.

Enjoy it!

Enjoy being a woman.

Enjoy your life as a human being not as a slave.

Reject that weaker vessel tag and wear your own brand new tag of strength. You are not weak!

If you can produce a new life in your womb, you can build a new world.

Don’t limit yourself.
Expand your coast!

BE who you want to be.
DO what you want to do and
HAVE what you want to have.

The sky is too wide for you to spread your wings and fly. Too large that you don’t need to be dragging another person’s stuff or becoming another person’s photocopy.

You can become, do and have better.

Do you! Always.

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The Woman and Her Money.

Hello everyone.

Welcome to my blog!😊

Has anyone noticed anything about a woman and her relationship with money?

That relationship is deeper than the deepest ocean on the planet!

The world has painted our gender as Money Lovers! Gold diggers! And somehow, that kinda stick to us for all eternity😄.

Some people use money as a substitute for getting a woman’s love while some basically feel once a woman is given money, you get her full attention.

Come to think of it, which woman alive, hate money? Which woman frowns when a credit alert reaches her phone? Which woman doesn’t want to have money or hold money or keep money or invest money or use money?

Does that kind of woman that doesn’t love money even exist? 🤷‍♀️

The only problem between a woman and her money is what she does with it.

Alot of women had made alot of money mistakes after making lots of money.

They wasted it all away.

It is not about the pounds, the dollars, the euros, the yen, the rand, the naira or any currency. It is more about a woman’s relationship with herself and how it affects the way she spends her money.

This lecture is more about financial counseling to help women gain knowledge on how to make the right and smart financial choice at all times with her money.

As a woman, what should you NOT do about your finances:

  1. Don’t beat yourself up for making poor financial choices in the past. It’s done and it’s history.
  2. Don’t think that things will not change in the future. The future is always pregnant. It will surely deliver.
  3. Don’t expect everyone to be financially responsible like you.

Now that you know what you should not do about your finances, what are you supposed to do instead?

  1. You have to identify exactly what influences your money. In this case, you make money and spend money. You just have to recognize those factors that influences your money-making and money-spending decisions, then manage the circumstances surrounding them. How do you make money? After your job/business, do you have a PLAN B just in case?
  2. You must take responsibility! Be a responsible and accountable manager for your earnings and spending. You don’t spend carelessly and earn little. That is foolish.
  3. Make daily smart financial decisions that increases your purse.

Suggested and Proven Solutions on what you can do with your finances:

  1. Think of alot of business ideas that you are capable of doing to achieve the best financial results for you.
  2. Work with tenacity on your career/ business, whichever one you are generating the highest income.
  3. SAVE. This is hard but you need to discipline yourself to save. Put some money aside from your earnings and dump in an investment, fixed deposit or mutual funds. Somewhere out of reach.
  4. Write a will. Anything can happen to you at anytime. Just make sure your children know exactly where your wealth is.
  5. Always have a PLAN B! Plan B is like a leverage you hold on to, if all else fails.

I hope this works for you as you age gracefully.

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Marriage is all about Public Validation in Nigeria.

Some married couples in Nigeria do things to make third party happy.

Some of the scenerios are listed below:

Getting pregnant to stop mothers from disturbing them with reminder calls of “when are you giving me a grand child?” Not that the couple had planned how that child will be catered for but because they don’t want to be pestered or send the wrong message to society that they are incapable of having children.

Some are presently living in an apartment with many rooms they don’t need at an expensive place where they can’t continously afford just to proove something to the society.

They constantly treat their married spouse like trash just to proove to family members that they are in control & not been controlled.

Some spend money unnecessarily on expensive fashion that is more than their income or on what their spouse can’t afford just to show off to friends at parties that their spouse is richer and better.

That car was bought just to show their friends & family members that they are a big shot but they know deep down they don’t need that car yet.

Some enrolled their children in expensive schools they can’t continously afford just to brag about it to their neighbours or at family functions.

Some treat their spouses base on the instructions of their pastor or imam, friend or neighbour, parent or sibling just to get favour from them.

Some of these married couples throw elaborate and sophisticated parties and ceremonies in their houses just to brag and show off.

Most of the things married couples do in Nigerian marriages is just to get the third party’s validation either online or offline.

There is no clear purpose between them on why they are married, what works for them and their betterment, their children’s welfare and their future together; no clear purpose on the reason for the union and concrete plans to achievegood goals in 2yrs time…5yrs time…10yrs time.

It just has to be what the public or third party thinks.

Hell…some even got married in the first place because the third party in their lives said or think it’s a good idea.

No wonder there are too many bottlenecks surrounding the marriage institution in Nigeria. The divorce rate is becoming alarming.

Some marriages nowadays is just for show!

This begs the question, when will some married couples start doing things for them or taking decisions together for each other and not what society feel or say they should do in their marriages?

It will be reasonable if people actually think this marriage through before walking into it.

This marriage thing we see as no big deal is actually a serious business. It is not for show off. It is actually a very big deal!

If it is not taken care by the parties inbolved, it will never yield the profit of happiness, love and longetivity.

It Hurts to be a Nigerian by Nkechi Bianze

Everyday, I wake up thinking what I would have been if I were born in a society with more opportunities.In 2012, just after I graduated from the University, I came up with a business idea. I needed huge capital to start. So, I sent a proposal to some banks and companies in Nigeria. I got no response. Less than a year later, the idea was executed by a big Nigerian company (one of those I pitched to), exactly the way and manner I highlighted in my proposal.Many of you have heard of the business, and I’m choosing not to name it. That was a very rude shock for me. But I learnt my lesson from it.I binge on so many TV programs, but there’s one that I’m helplessly addicted to; SHARK TANK.Watching Shark Tank inspires me, as well as makes me shed tears for my country of origin, Nigeria.Shark Tank is a critically acclaimed television program where self-made billionaires invest in entrepreneurs/businesses.These self-made business tycoons who are multi-millionaires or Billionaires are known as The Sharks.On the Shark Tank TV program, entrepreneurs/business owners, innovators and aspiring business partners with marketable ideas come to pitch their businesses, innovations or ideas to the Sharks. The Sharks ask them questions about their businesses, innovations or ideas, and they then make decisions whether or not they want to invest in them, and how.If any of the Sharks are willing to invest in any of the businesses, innovations or ideas, they make offer(s), reference to what the pitcher has asked for. In many cases, there are negotiations. And if the pitchers and Sharks agree on a deal, they reach a deal, and hit it off as business partners.Since Shark Tanks began in August 2007, The Sharks have invested several hundreds of millions of dollars on hundreds of businesses. And these deals have generated Billions of dollars in revenue, and created thousands of jobs.Let me tell you the uncountable benefits of these.
These Sharks are stinking rich and successful business tycoons, with wealths of knowledge about how to be successful in businesses. Their track records more than prove this. Most of them came from very humble backgrounds, growing from absolutely nothing to Billionaires.They invest in hundreds of businesses, and end up making hundreds of millionaires (in dollars), while also enriching themselves. Because if a sharks invests in a business as a 20% stakeholder, and the business grows to making $1million net profit per month, the Shark gets $200k per month automatically as a 20% stakeholder.So, while these Sharks are making millionaires, they are becoming richer themselves. It’s a WIN WIN WIN. Because they are also creating jobs, and helping to grow the economy by producing more for exports, creating jobs thus reducing unemployment, and reducing poverty too. So, it’s actually a WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN situation. I can’t emphasize it enough.What if the Dangotes, Elumelus, Adenugas, Adelekes, even our stinking rich celebrities and footballers as rich as Mickel Obi…etc, even these rich Billionaire GOs, invest in youths? Some of these rich Nigerians have millions resting in their bank accounts, in a country where there are very talented people who need just a fraction of that to invest, and enrich both themselves, and their investors/business partners. Why? Let me tell you something else. I’ve lived my life in Nigeria, the UK and Canada, and I can tell you that Nigerians are some of the smartest, most innovative and most enterprising people I’ve seen. Those young Americans who are hitting off multi-million dollar business deals with the Sharks are NOT necessarily all smarter than young Nigerians. The difference is in the opportunities the different environments offer.I have got two business ideas that need about a million dollar to kick-start. The business idea is in my head.I wake up everyday hoping that someone doesn’t come up with same idea and execute it before I’m able to get funding. If I were an American or British citizen, I would have gone of Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den to pitch my idea.I still hope I would have a chance to execute this idea. The difference between me and that young female American millionaire might be OPPORTUNITIES. She isn’t necessarily smarter than I am, or more hardworking than I am. She was just fortunate to be born American while I was unfortunate to be born in a country that doesn’t invest in the youths, and doesn’t encourage innovations by investing enough in small businesses.There are many innovative young Nigerians with business ideas that would yield Billions in less than a decade. There are many innovators, and there are many small business owners in Nigeria who need a little boost with capital to multiply their net profits by hundreds. But Nigerian Billionaires seem very uninterested in helping other young people to become billionaires.The top 1% rich in Nigeria seem to enjoy the huge gap between the rich and the poor. They seem so reluctant to help grow others, even when they have the opportunity to do so. Some of them even go as far as stealing the ideas of young people who pitch their business ideas to them.More like “You have the brilliant idea, but I’ll steal it. We need you to remain poor. We don’t want too many people in our league of rich.”After I started watching Shark Tank, I started praying to God to create me a break, and give me the opportunity to become a Billionaire, so that I will start the Nigerian version of Shark Tank in Nigeria, where I can be one of the Sharks who will help create more multimillionaires and Billionaires.I know where I would have been if I were born in a more supportive country. I see some young talented Nigerians wasting away because the environment isn’t conducive enough for them to exercise their maximum potentials, and it hurts. Yes, it does hurt to be Nigerian sometimes.The British and Japanese version of Shark Tank is Dragon’s Den. Dragon’s Den even started before Shark Tank. Many other countries have such programs where the very rich people fund/invest/partner with innovators and businesses, and they end up creating millionaires while enriching themselves.If I end up a multi-millionaire (in dollars) by 40, I would be unfulfilled if at 80, after over four decades of living on so much wealth, I haven’t been able to make at least 10 multi-millionaires. If such happens, I will die of depression and sadness even in my mansion. But that’s me.In most Caucasian societies, the very rich take it upon themselves to create wealth through others. That’s how they make sure they are remembered long after they are dead. But what are our Nigerian Billionaires doing? Besides Elumelu who does his own little bits, what are the others doing?You can read more blogs from Nkechi Bianze on Facebook.

Coronavirus has reached Africa

The epidermic called Coronavirus that has killed thousands in China has reached Africa.

I have always wondered what would happen if Coronavirus spread into the countries that cannot cope.

On January 27th, 2020 an Ivory Coast student from Beijing landed the Ivory Coast Airport with the virus:

Before that, Kenya and Ethopia have recorded their first victims from the Airport.

Other African countries like South Africa and infected countries who recorded their first Coronavirus cases have suspended flights from China.

Possible Prevention.

World Health Organization has given some possible health advice to prevent Coronavirus:

1. Constant washing of hands and using hand sanitizers at all times.

2. When coughing or sneezing, cover nose and mouth with flexed elbow or with tissue. Throw the tissie away and wash hands immediately.

3. Avoid contact with anyone who has flu (cold and running nose), coughs alot and has fever. If you are a medical practitioner giving treatment to the sick person; protect yourself with medical protective clothes, glooves, nose mask and equipment.

4. Avoid consumption of raw meat or not well cooked meat, poultry and handle with care when cooking raw meat or animal.

Protect yourself and others when you are sneezing, coughing and with fever.

Contain the spread of your fever by quarantining yourself and treat immediately you feel the symptoms.

Be safe out there!

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